Online Poker

The origins and history of poker has not been cleared up, but it is quite sure that in the last century it popularity grew substantially, and with this of course more and more people started to play poker. With the advent of the internet and technology the possibility to play poker grew, with its appearance online, which attracted millions of fans worldwide and brought poker to a whole new level.

Poker is one of the most popular card games today. No matter where you go, traditional land based casinos or you visit the best online casinos surely you will find a poker table suitable for you. Before its appearance on the internet, playing poker was limited for many to playing with friends and neighbors. But now all boundaries have disappeared, distance and time is not an issue any more. Online poker is available for you at any time of the day, any day of the week. Since it is operated by software it is never closed, unless the web-page is under modification. Also, because the boundaries are there no more, you are capable to compare you poker skills with basically anyone from the world playing at the same table as you are. Online casinos accept players from almost everywhere; the only issue is legality and age. There are countries which prohibit such activities, and under-aged players are not allowed in the casino. Also you are able to play from your own desk, wearing whatever you like, in the privacy of your room. In the same time you can play from anywhere, as long as the place has access to the internet. It’s no wonder that poker became one of the most popular card-game around. Its characteristics make it exiting enough to be enjoyed by millions. Online poker is not very different to traditional poker. It has also many variants online, just like you could find many types of poker in land based casinos. One of the most popular one is Texas Hold`em, which gained millions of fans once poker tournaments started appearing in the television.

Still, in every kind of poker the winning hand is the hand which has the highest possible combination. There are ten kinds of hand types. The weakest one is where you have no matching cards called High card. The next strongest is called One pair, followed by the Two pair, Three of a kind, Straight, Flush, Full house, Four of a kind, Straight flush, and the hand that beats all, the Royal straight flush. When you have a tie, for example both players have a Two pair hand, the highest card takes it all. Depending on the poker type played, the rules can be slightly different. Also the number of cards dealt can be different too. Texas Hold’em is a community poker game, where players receive 2 hidden cards from the dealer, in this case the software, and between rounds of bets five cards are dealt, face up, on the table. The first three cards will be dealt at once, between them there are no bets, while the last two are dealt one by one. All players can use three out of these five cards in their hands. In other types of poker, players might receive five (or more or less) cards with the possibility to change some of them a certain number of times.

Online poker is gaining more and more fans mainly thanks to its accessibility and in the same time more and more are finding out that this could be another possible source of money. Online poker isn’t so intimidating, as it would be in land based casinos, and strategies have a more accentuated role here. Since you are not sitting face to face with your opponent it is much easier to concentrate on your game. Also you can ask for help. There are numerous offers for odds-calculating software the internet for example, which can be used as great indicators. Also, you can find lots of tips and strategies which might help you work out your own perfect game.

Another important issue when playing online poker is that you can play for free or almost for free. Firstly, casinos are in a fierce competition, therefore they have to use everything they got to attract customers, and one of this is by offering bonuses. In many casinos, you have the opportunity to play a certain amount of games for free, or they will give you a certain amount of money after signing up. This is only available for a period of course, but there are poker tables with very low limits, where you can play for almost free. These tables are perfect for practice. You won’t loose a great amount of money, but you will have the same feeling, since you are gambling.

All in all, online poker is basically the same game as traditional poker, with only minor differences out of which advantages and disadvantages can appear, noting the fact that disadvantages can be limited only to the impossibility for players to see their opponent. This is very important in poker, because reading an opponent can give you vital advantages, and also being read could mean a premature loss. But no doubt about it these setbacks can be resolved leaving online poker a great opportunity to have fun, and also to earn some extra cash.