3 Card Poker: A Game with History

When the word “poker” is spoken, the immediate mental image is always one of a group of guys sitting around a table, drinking beer, and playing cards. Perhaps also the image of playing poker at a casino comes to mind, but rarely does one think of years of history behind a game that seems so much a part of the fabric of modern life. In fact, poker (and therefore, 3 card poker) is derived from a British game played hundreds of years ago. Poker itself is originally an American game – but the combination of this American game with the old British game came to be known as 3 Card Poker.

From British Brag to Poker to 3 Card Poker

Several hundred years ago, a game called Primero was popular in Britain. This game, which made use of three cards, eventually evolved into another game called Post-and-Pair. As the betting patterns of Post-and-Pair became more and more complex, wild cards by the name of “braggers” were introduced into the game – until the game came to be known simply as Brag.

The 3 Card Poker Legend

The legend concerning the evolution of modern 3 Card Poker goes like this: one day a man by the name of Derek Webb visited Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, Webb played the standard Poker game, but found it to be rather boring. He then proceeded to combine the standard Poker game with a British game called Brit-Brag or Casino Brag, which became the game that we now call 3 Card Poker.

Online 3 Card Poker

As the Internet became a standard staple of modern life, 3 Card Poker naturally found its way on to the Internet through the online casinos and thus has become part of the fabric that we call modern-day casino gaming online. This game also goes by a few other names, as is common with games: it also goes by the name Tri-Poker and Tri-Card Poker.