High Speed Poker: Play the New Version of 3 Card Poker Now

High Speed Poker is a new addition to Microgaming's Gold Series of casino table games. It is based on the popular 3 Card Poker variant, only in High Speed Poker the player can play five hands at once instead of the standard one hand against the dealer. This change, of course, gives the player a much higher chance of winning since the dealer only has one hand. As a real money 3 Card Poker game this is ideal.

Playing High Speed Poker

The rules for High Speed Poker are the same as in 3 Card Poker. You are still able to play the two games in one: Pair Plus and Ante and Play and, as in real money 3 Card Poker, the best hand or hands win. The Ante bet, Play bet and optional Bonus bet are all there on the elegant green and mahogany gold table which is an integral part of the superb graphics in the Gold Series of table games.

In the High Speed Poker Pair Plus game, you place your initial bet in the center of the table. You are dealt five hands of three cards each, face up. The dealer's three cards are face down. A pair or better wins. If there are no pairs, then then hands with the highest cards win.

In the Ante and Play, you add an Ante bet in addition to your initial bet before receiving cards. Once you have seen all five hands, you can choose to raise (or pay as shown on the table) for each hand that looks like it might beat the dealer's. If you think the hand is no good, you can fold. With five hands dealt it isn't likely that you will fold all of them. Your raise bet is equivalent to the Ante bet. To meet your raise, the dealer must have a qualifying hand, which means he must have a Queen high combination or better. If the dealer's hand doesn't qualify, you have an automatic win. If it does qualify, the hand or hands with the highest value wins. With the new multi-hand High Speed Poker, you almost cannot lose in this game, so it really pays to play real money 3 Card Poker.

The Ante Bonus bet is optional but must the bet must also be made before the cards are dealt. The payout is not dependent on the value of the dealer's hand. It is paid for particularly good hand combinations, such as Straight Flush, 3 of a Kind or a Straight. It's a recommended bet in real money 3 Card Poker and in the High Speed Poker version too.

High Speed Poker is a fast and entertaining addition to the Gold Series of casino table games.