ClickandBuy Makes Your Real Money Gambling Easier

Although ClickandBuy was actually launched in the year 2000, it is considered one of the latest online payment systems and is only recently gaining worldwide recognition.

It was first launched in Germany but has since expanded to include most of Europe, Asia, Britain and the United States. It is authorized and regulated by the British Financial Services Authority which accounts for its reputable reputation as a safe and secure method of electronic payment. It can be used to make purchases on the internet and to finance any of your online casino games.

As its name implies, the ClickandBuy system is simple to use which is why it is becoming one of the preferred ways to play online. Since 3 Card Poker is a simple poker variation, it goes very well with a simple payment system.

Here are some of the advantages of playing online 3 Card Poker with the ClickandBuy system:
  • Free onetime registration
  • You receive a user name and password and from that time on just click to play your game
  • ClickandBuy collects the amount of your casino deposit using the bank or credit card information you have supplied in registration
  • Your bank or credit card information is secured by SSL encryption
  • You have convenient monthly payments through direct debit, credit card, invoice or prepaid account
  • You receive a transparent view and review of all transactions at all times
  • 24/7 personal treatment for any questions or problems
  • 3 Card Poker Powered by ClickandBuy

    3 Card Poker is a very entertaining and simplistic poker variation. It is a great game for those gamblers who are just beginning to take an interest in poker and don't want to face the intenseness of continuous betting against other participants. Use ClickandBuy to deposit funds in your favorite online casino and place your ante bet for the game. With 3 Card Poker you are betting against the dealer and the best hand wins the round. That is what makes the game easy and relaxing, and it only gets easier with the use of ClickandBuy. 3 Card Poker is a combination of two games: Pair Plus or Ante and Play. You can play both games in one round or choose to just play one of them. You are more likely to win if you play both together. In the Pair Plus mode, you place your initial bet in the center of the table. You and the dealer both receive 3 cards. A pair or better wins and if there are no pairs the hand with the highest card takes the pot. Simple and fun with ClickandBuy supporting you. In the Ante and Play mode you place an ante bet in addition to your initial bet before receiving your cards. If you think your cards will beat the dealer's, then you raise by placing an additional bet, equivalent to the ante. To meet your raise the dealer has to have a queen high combination or better to see your hand. If the dealer's hand does not qualify, you win. If it does qualify, the hand with the highest value wins. It's an entertaining, easy and fast game without all the tension aroused by betting against a table full of poker players who may raise continuously until you drop out. And you can be sure of prompt payouts when you have financed your game with ClickandBuy.