The Name of the Game: Real Money 3 Card Poker

3 card poker is a game that has become quite popular in many casinos. It is called three card poker because the hand dealt has three cards. Another name for 3 card poker is "tricard poker" either way the game is simple, elegant and lots of fun. At online casinos you can play 3 card poker in practice play for free or real money 3 card poker.

Variations of 3 Card Poker

There are several possible variations on the game of 3 card poker. These variations have different names. The first is commonly known as "pairplus". In this variation, the hand is dealt and the payout is based directly on the results of the hand. A pair is usually awarded a 1 to 1 payout and anything better is given a payout based on the odds of such a hand occurring. The best hand is a straight flush which also gets the best payout.

Overview of 3 Card Poker

3 card poker is a fun variation on the classic poker game. In 3 card poker you only get three cards and there is no re-dealing of the cards. There are a number of possible ways of playing 3 card poker. The most commonly played are known as 'pairplus' and 'ante and play'. The sum that you win is directly dependant on the original investment and the result of the card that you got.
Pairplus does not require a great deal of understanding and is not a competitive game. As opposed to 'pairplus', 'ante and play' is somewhat more sophisticated and involves assessing the odds for winning and taking a risk. The game is a competitive one. The potential for winning real money in 3 Card Poker is based on the results of the cards of the player and his opponent and the sum won is also affected by the cards received by the dealer as well as the player's hand. You can read more about how to play 3 card poker here.